Tuesday, February 25

Paul Baloche, Michael Rossback, Stuart Garrard and Carl Abrecht came to Asia

I followed the band from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. What a wonderful weekend of good music! You would never know how much I appreciated the sessions and how blessed I was.

Friday, February 14

Foto Friday

Today I celebrate the completion of my tuition fee loan payment.
Got myself something useful in terms of service unto my Boss.
Going back to what I once loved doing.

Thursday, January 23

First deployment to the CCU

This week has been quite good to me despite how I might have perceived it to be. I believe it is important to have regular checks on your mood roller coasters and reflect on your feelings, actions and words, because sometimes what we feel may not be legitimate. Feelings can be real but they might not be appropriate.

Very recently, I had the opportunity to work a day in the Coronary Care Unit. I am still quite a junior nurse so there should be many more "first times" ahead in this career; every day is a time to learn new things. Anyway, the CCU was short on staffing during my shift so I volunteered to help out when my charge nurse was planning the day's staff assignments. I went over, expecting relative easier work; as it is an unspoken common courtesy to assign simpler tasks to deployed staff, after all I do belong to a different unit though still the same department; not to complain but I ended up extubating one of my patients, discharging another to a general ward, and even admitted a man who just had a heart attack and surgical intervention. Honestly, I did have a good time.

Happy to realise how far I have come in intensive care nursing! A few months ago I would not dare work in a less-familiar environment without the assurance of observation and guidance by nurturing seniors, what more volunteer to work in a different ward?
This deployment may not be some great accomplishment but it meant something to me.


Friday, December 6

Foto Friday

It has been a rough week or two, many of my shifts had been really busy ones. Working with people under stress is stressful, and I believe I had my share of unpleasant encounters with a few colleagues this week. No need to dwell on such things that should belong in the past. Amen.
By the end of most shifts I find myself not desiring any conversations anymore.
After work I would rather not talk at all, it helps when there is no roommate; what a luxury, by the way.
On a day off I struggle between the need for meaningful fellowship and my wish for near-total silence. Hence the little dilemma of a single working man.